Mambo 2 Mambo is the second feature film produced by OmniWorld Media. The first is Dying of A Light and can be reviewed at The Mambo 2 Mambo script is unique and compelling. The film industry is one of the most competitive industries in the U.S. There are hundreds of features produced each year. There are over thirty independent and studio films being shot in the Carolinas, New Jersey, Louisiana and Georgia (where tax incentives are highest) in 2014. Each will be fighting for distribution, sales, festival screenings and viewers. Few recoup their budget or see a return on investment due to Art over Business. The films that reach financial success have unique scripts; have marketable talent, high production value and a plan for marketing and distribution. MAMBO 2 MAMBO is based on an exciting and popular real-life culture that has millions across the globe extremely passionate,  involved and already financially committed to be a part of and participate. The feature is a first of its kind and we anticipate great success. Our goal is to produce an Award Winning Film.

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